How to get more engagement on Facebook?

The more time you spend figuring out how to get more engagement on FB, the less time you actually have to engage your audience.

Post fresh content daily?

Yes and no. I wouldn't recommend it to all FB pages. You might be better off with 3 a week and boost the best updates with highest virality/engagement

Post more updates a day?

Rarely. If you do so, make sure you don't post them one after another. Some people receive 'notifications' and if they see 5 of them in a row, they'll probably be slightly discouraged to click on any of them.

Use a third party scheduling?

Again, it depends. Just make sure you know the app you're using (and timezones). I came across some posts that were published via third party app and the link was broken (so I wasn't able to 'get' to that post).

Secret tip?

Short videos via YouTube. Don't forget to create a playlist with related videos first, then share the video. If people watch until the end and are 'hungry' for more, you don't miss your chance because another video starts playing straight away.