Twitter sharpening its beak

Somebody said that Instagram is for people who can't read. Another said that pictures say more than a thousand words. Twitter is one territorial bird and Instagram can be seen as a cuckoo application. Well, yes or no. But I agree that getting own photo app would be a smart move.

''Although adding photo filters to Twitter may seem like a trivial addition to a social network that processes nearly a billion 140-character missives every two days, it could prove to be an important part of the company’s business.'' NY Times Blog

Well, it is not only about having THAT idea. In my opinion, it is the execution and integration of right elements. You do not have to go far for such examples. I remember a web based photo editing app called Picnik which was eventually bought by Google as a new editing tool for Google+. Unfortunately it never really caught on and left many loyal Picnik users angry.