Jingle bells and QR codes

Once upon a time, Santa was holding an iPhone, waiting for some children to be greeted. A child came along and added some toys to the wishlist, just on the spot, on the phone.

Not that I would be a fan of such Christmas, but the possibilities are fascinating. The right combination - signage/QR code or signage/screen - seems like a sensible and forward-thinking win/win solution. If nothing, more sophisticated leaflets are the way to go if you need to get people online.

Check this out:

This Christmas, Wallmart came up with a pop-up shop offering Barbie dolls, toy cars and Hot Wheels racetracks... in the subway station, Union Station in Toronto. 

It's like choosing things from the shop windows, just the customers do not have to go inside the shop. Walmart asked kids, which toys they liked most (via Twenties Christmas hits) and included the top choices in its pop-up store.

The clever idea is not only that people do not have to go inside shops, but they can choose when to stop and it's done via their smart phones (and orders can be tracked down instantly too).

That just makes me wonder, who will be the first one in Australia to come up with such a concept.

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