Google Updates Ranking Algorithm

Author Rank from Google search changes the way

How Google wants to ensure that search results point to the really good content?  Simply it is the reputation of the numerical content creator, Author Rank affects the location of the generated text search. Thanks to social networks requiring real identity of the user, users have the option of linking Google+ profile with content they create - Google Authorship.

Rank by Author Google could integrate relatively early in the search algorithm. Author Rank means that one author will be able to take on different values ​​at different topics. For example, one author may have a low ranking in the same topic, but in another it may be but very high rating. Google is considering about 200 different factors that will affect the value of Author Rank.

These should also feature information about the number of people in the circles on Google+ sharing and +1, published papers and such comments of other users' contributions. It can be another factor which can force you to use Google's rather neglected social network.